Stand By Letter Of Credit

ZKL Invest Ltd™ issues a Standby Letter of Credit on the behalf of a client for paying a beneficiary in a situation where the application is not able to pay back. A Standby Letter of Credit came through as an outcome of a legal pitfall imposed by the regulator on the authority of the company to issue guarantees. This is a very flexible tool and is specifically preferable for making numerous secure payments.

A Standby Letter of Credit is mostly for the purpose of international trade and provides the concerned party the needed assurance about the payment no matter what the situation is. With the ZKL Invest Ltd™ , you do not have to worry about the different intricacies that are involved with a Standby Letter of Credit. Our expertise is to ensure that you do not encounter any complexities and guide you along the whole process of availing the service. They will also provide you with the complete information in case you are not aware of the actual procedure.

A Standby Letter of Credit has different types.


These are as below:

  • Performance Standby

  • Direct-Pay Standby

  • Advance-Payment Standby

  • Bid-Bond Or Tender-Bond Standby

  • Counter Standby

  • Financial Standby

  • Commercial Standby

We assure the seller payment when documentary delivery conditions are met.

We at ZKL Invest Ltd™ provide the Documentary Letter of Credit which is an assurance that the beneficiary will receive the payment as per the Documentary Letter of Credit. It has a condition where the compliant presentation comes under the Documentary Letter of Credit. The Documentary Letter of Credit is most commonly utilized for international transactions. Both the supplier and buyer operate from different countries.

A Documentary Letter of Credit is an important financial instrument for taking care of short-term needs. It allows the recipients to get an important credit that can be used for financing a project. For settling the due amount, the recipients hope of sufficient return as per the provided time frame.

All the documents and information that a beneficiary would need are showcased in a Documentary Letter of Credit. This information includes the expiry date and time of the letter. Complaint presentation is a type of guarantee that a beneficiary gets by the Documentary Letter of Credit for getting paid. For this, the delivery conditions should be addressed.

We will ensure to write the Documentary Letter of Credit on the behalf of the applicant and it meets the terms and conditions needed for documentation purposes before the supplier is paid any amount. The Documentary Letter of Credit is governed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) rules. The rules are also known as the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credit (UCP). The current and latest version, the UCP600 is in effect from July 1st, 2007. The issuing bank and the beneficiary are the concerned parties to a Documentary Letter of Credit.

The issuer’s creditworthiness comes in place of the buyer’s creditworthiness which gives the suppliers more comfort that what he will get paid.

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