About ZKL

ZKL Invest Ltd was founded in 2017 with one mission behind it: to be the most successful, most creative and innovative . We turn to each of our customers with new approaches, to develop personalized and tailormade products.


Although we have grown a lot since our opening, we have the same principles as on the first day. Get help to turn your dreams into reality. Are you ready to take your brand or business on the road to success? Call us and find out what we can do for you.

Company now has a net asset of 16.040.000 £ represented by German Government Bonds, Isin Code DE0001135226, with a Moody's  - Fitch -  Standard and Poor's AAA rating.

Indeed,  FPyIC Group Corp took over the entire shareholding structure, with an immediate increase in the share capital of a further £. 10M

Mode Finance (by ESMA) Rating A3

Company House Certification

Taxpayer Reference Code

Financial Lei Code

TradeMark Certification



Well-functioning risk and financial management practices are as much a prerequisite for development finance institutions as for the rest of the private financial industry. Applying our deep expertise and experience advising development finance institutions and export credit agencies, we support our clients to design and implement finance and risk management strategies that complement their business plans and leverage their competitive advantages. We develop capital and risk management frameworks, financial models, scenarios, and plans, alongside hands-on training that improves bottom-line performance while achieving the unique mandate of development finance institutions.



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